Lopez Island

Sleepy Lopez Island is the third largest of the San Juan Islands in size and population.  It is a distinctly rural area, even for the San Juans, and home to many small seaside cafes and vineyards.  Its miles of country road are a popular destination for bikers and Lopez Island features many small gravel beaches accessible through local parks.  The largest park is Odlin County Park which offers campsites and picnic areas on a lovely beachfront setting and hosts sites large enough for RVs.  A dumping station is located at nearby Spencer Spit State Park.

Lopez Village is the primary population center on Lopez Island and features the only Post Office, General Store, Library, and shopping center on the island.  Many colorful dining options are available as well as local vendors featuring produce, artwork, and other souvenir options.  One of the most popular local events is the Tour de Lopez; an annual non-competitive bicycle tour covering several marked routes across the island with rest stops and culminating in a hosted meal at the Lopez Community Center.

Come enjoy the peace, beauty, and country fun of Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Quick Facts

Population: 2,588 (2017)
Area: 29.81 sq mi
Highest elevation: 535ft
Highest point: Lopez Hill

Major Areas